Frequently asked questions from our customers
Who does Auto Pro Buys sell the vehicles to?
Auto Pro Buys has a very large network of licensed auto dealers they sell directly to.
If I owe money on my car, does Auto Pro Buys handle paying off my loan?
Yep, APB will handle all lien and lease balances.
I hate going to the DMV. Does Auto Pro Buys handle all the DMV paperwork?
Don't worry! Yes we handle all the paperwork related to the sale of your vehicle, including updating the DMV.
Can Auto Pro Buys come to my house and evaluate my Vehicle?
Absolutely. In most cases we can come conveniently to your home and appraise your vehicle on site.
Ok I'd like to sell my vehicle. How can I verify that the check you give me is good?
Good question! We hope we have established some credibility and trust at this point in the process, however here at APB we issue Corporate Bank Checks through Chase and Bank of America. We can also call the bank manager together if you are unsure.
How long does the process take typically?
Our Pro appraisers at APB have tons of experience. We take your vehicle for a 1 mile test drive, make you an offer, if accepted the documentation is a total of 4 to 5 forms. The average start to finish time is averaging about 40 minutes to walk away with a check.
What do I need to bring for the paperwork to sell my vehicle?
When you bring your car to us you should grab your title (if owned), registration for the vehicle and the payoff (if there is one), extra keys, driver’s license, owners manuals, and any vehicle repair receipts/history that could add value to your vehicle. . If your vehicle still has a loan balance, bring your most current loan statement.
Ok, now why would I choose to sell my car to you guys instead of online? Craigslist? To a dealer?
Hoping you would ask that. Here at Auto Pro Buys we offer a professional vehicle buying service. We have a very knowledgeable, professional team that works to serve you from the second you contact us or walk through our door. We will give you a better selling experience than selling to strangers on Craigslist! We offer a hassle-free no pressure environment, unlike most dealerships. And we definitely give you an accurate and fair price for your vehicle based on Fair Market Value. Come in and talk about how we can help you today!
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